Lawn Care & Fence Construction

Gulf Coast Lawn in Northwest Florida is happy to bring you our new website. Our blogs will discuss many lawn-related things, such as planting, flower gardening, landscape designs, fences, etc. In our first blog, we'd like to describe what you can expect from us. Gulf Coast Lawn offers quality lawn care services and landscaping. We also provide fence construction, fence repair, and fence restoration. We offer residential dirt work, as well. We also offer sod placement. In addition, we can handle cleanup jobs.

Lawn Care

Everyone's first need for lawn care is mowing; Our lawn care services include clearing debris, edging, weed control, shrub trimming, and grass and leaf blowing. Our primary purpose for your lawn care is the health of your yard.


We can help restore your property or design a brand-new landscape design. Landscaping allows you to extend the space of your home outdoors. Our Landscaping services include mulching and ground covering, flower planting, shrub placement, and maintenance of flowerbeds. We also install features like footpaths and rock gardens. Maintaining a beautiful landscape creates a beautiful aesthetic and increases curb appeal and property value.

Gulf Coast Lawn - Landscaping

Fence Construction

We specialize in fence construction and fence restoration. We offer six-foot privacy fences as well as picket fences. A six-foot fence will be perfect if you want privacy and a deterrent for animals and trespassers. On the other hand, you would prefer a picket fence if you wish to have an aesthetic look.

Dirt Work & Bush Hog

Gulf Coast Lawn has the equipment for residential dirt work and bush hog. If you have an area of ground that needs clearing and leveling, let us help.

Sod Placement

If you have any areas of your lawn that could use fresh grass, our services include ground readying and sod placement.

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If you live in Northwest Florida and need our services, you can contact us for a free estimate with an online form or call us at 850-634-8148. Also, get social with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.