Our Most Popular Privacy Fence Styles

When you're thinking about installing a privacy fence or replacing an existing one, you'll probably consider different styles of privacy fence options. Gulf Coast Lawn builds a variety of fence styles, such as post and pole, shadowbox, stockade, and more. However, a few fence styles stand out in their popularity, affordability, and curb appeal. Because any fence will be a prominent feature of your property, this is an important decision. If you're interested in any style of fence not mentioned in this blog post, please contact us to inquire.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

A privacy fence style quickly growing in popularity is horizontal privacy fences. Horizontal privacy fences are more rugged due to the larger lumber used to construct them. This means more endurance against the elements and strong winds from storms and inclement weather. They can be built from various materials, such as wood, vinyl, and composite materials. Horizontal privacy fences also provide a contemporary look and add curb appeal to your property.

Dog Ear Picket Privacy Fence

Dog Ear, picket privacy fences, are hands down the most popular privacy fence styles for residential properties. Deciding on the most popular and affordable fence style doesn't mean you can't stand out. Dog Ear Pickets come in various wood choices, such as Pine, Spruce, Cedar, Redwood, and even Douglas Fir. Your wood choice should consider not only your immediate budget but also the natural resistance to decay and the elements of the materials, as this will impact your long-term cost of upkeep and the lifespan of your investment. We can consult with you about the different wood species and how they respond to stains and wood sealers so you get the look you want to match your properties motif.

Free Estimates

If you're considering installing a privacy fence or replacing an existing fence, we can help. Please take a moment and contact us for a free estimate. We're available to answer any questions about pricing, different fence styles, materials, etc. Our fence services are not restricted to privacy fences, so we'd love to hear from you if you need chain links or other types of fencing. We would be pleased to repair or install a fence with our other landscaping services to refresh your property's outdoor spaces.